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Life Changing Success Stories

“My life has taken a complete turn and I have acquired a totally new perspective in life.”

Mari Kido –
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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“The lessons through the Education Center have not only shown that there is a clear and traveled path but offer outstanding support on the journey”

Heather Columbia –
Santa Cruz, California

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“It’s been great; more than I could have expected… All the blanks and gaps of life begin to be filled”

Chris Jones –
Abilene, Texas

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“My life values have changed and to this day I have felt more peaceful and my life has found its meaning.”

Daniel Romero – Bucaramanga, Columbia

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“I was using StumbleUpon, a website that shuffles you around to random websites, within parameters based on specific key interests. Bnei Baruch’s PerceivingReality.com video prompted me to register for the class, and that was only 10 weeks ago. It’s been great; more than I could have expected, obviously because it was more than I could imagine. All the blanks and gaps of life begin to be filled, given that there is no sense in turning away. I hope to attend the retreat in January, and I’m anxious in anticipation for perception of connection.”



“I found the Education Center through MySpace about one and a half years ago. Before taking the Fundamentals course, I was initially put off by the term “Kabbalah.” Since the course was free, I finally decided to give the course a shot and the course has truly been a miracle for me. I have been drawn to spirituality my entire life and thought I had it figured out but was still searching for something deeper. I had questions but had given up expecting answers. The lessons through the Education Center have not only shown that there is a clear and traveled path but offer outstanding support on the journey.”

Heather Columbia

Heather Columbia – Santa Cruz, California

“I came across the Education Center course when I was searching for a deeper sense of awareness of the Creator in my life. I felt there was still something I was missing or needed to learn. I had heard of Kabbalah and read one book about it but I thought that I needed instruction in it to really make sense of the teaching. BB made an irresistible offer, a free online course that I could do at my own convenience. The archived lessons are great because of the time difference in Australia. However, I am very excited when I am able to connect live. The course has explained the role of the ego, which I sensed had a major role to play in spiritual development. BB and the group work that I am now involved with in Australia continue to support me and nurture my desire for revealing the Creator.”

Aileen Reed

Aileen Reed – East Maitland, Australia

My quest for the meaning of my life and the purpose of humanity has been a life long quest since I was a teenager. Now, in my fifties, I have found Kabbalah. I just happened to be searching the Internet and I found the Bnei Baruch Education Center by chance. Ever since then, my life has taken a complete turn and I have acquired a totally new perspective in life. The Bnei Baruch Education Center is an amazing organization dedicated to providing all seekers with precise, clear and very well organized information through a curriculum designed to guide someone step by step to a whole new vision of the world and ourselves. I am most grateful for all I have been given by this great group of friends dedicated to disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah with so much love and care.”

Mari Kido

Mari Kido – Albuquerque, New Mexico

“A few years ago I had serious alcoholic problems, and problems with my wife, kids, parents, my entire family, until one day I was alone and then started thinking and questioning what’s happening in my life, why are there all these problems? So I started looking for answers. I went to the public library like a hungry person looking for food and water, reading books about everything, including yoga, religion, meditation, astrology, numerology, and many others. But I didn’t find answers, so I looked on the Internet and found Bnei Baruch Kabbalah. Now I feel better. My life changed to a new vision of this world, I can solve problems no matter what the size of the problem. It is hard to explain, I can just say come and see what this science really is, and how great it is. I invite you to join us and learn. Thanks”

Alfredo Salazar

Alfredo Salazar – New Orleans, LA

“I was raised in an atheistic society, did not have any beliefs and did not think much about the Creation or why I am here. But some tragic events in my life triggered my search for the meaning of my life. I was reading different books, trying to grasp information that was new to me. I started to learn about Judaism, thinking maybe there was a reason that I was born Jewish. Maybe there was something there that I needed to learn? The books and Judaism definitely helped on my way, but I still had the question about the purpose of my life unanswered. I was getting bits and pieces of information, but could not see a full picture. When I discovered Kabbalah and enrolled into the Educational Center classes, the picture became whole and multidimensional. I found the wisdom and method that I was looking for, the direct method of the soul’s development. The Educational Center built a foundation for my spiritual development and gave me a chance to become a part of one very special society, a society of people building the spiritual ladder together.”

Anna Elkind

Anna Elkind – Denver, CO

“I have being dealing with extreme emotional issues all of my life. Low self esteem, depression, anxiety. I have had all kinds of psychiatric labels from OCD, borderline disorder, BDD, major depression, you name it. One year ago, I was helpless, nothing would help me alleviate my suffering and I asked God to show me the truth. Somehow about a month later God placed the Kabbalah Revealed series by Tony Kosinec on YouTube in my laptop. I was grasped in mind and heart about what Tony was speaking about. I thought to myself: “This is true spirituality!” In the upcoming weeks, I was searching again on the web for Tony’s videos and I found the link to the Education Center. I knew I had to take the courses so I subscribed for them willingly. It’s been 9 months since then and although I have had some ups and downs, it’s all part of the process. What is there is to reach?! The most exalted goal of all which is to reach revelation of God while we are in this lifetime. My life values have changed and to this day I have felt more peaceful and my life has found its meaning.

Daniel Romero – Bucaramanga, Columbia

Daniel Romero – Bucaramanga, Columbia

“I come from a very difficult situation, now for me is “change or die.” I had, before joining the Education Center, notions of what Kabbalah was thought to be, but nothing was really clear, if not a lot of commercialization and degradation of the subject. Now, after completing the Fundamentals Semester, I have clearer ideas and concepts in my mind, and above all I know now what really is important to me and to many people from all walks of life: there indeed is a method to avoid suffering, there is a method to manage and correct impossible situations in life, or at least to change our response to them, and I know that I am going to learn this method from Bnei Baruch as from nobody else. I believe they are the only legitimate teachers of this tradition to the masses, especially after knowing the other side for quite some 9 years, with no improvement whatsoever. I believe my testimony is important because I know I am not the only one with a difficult life situation: we see all around us what is happening in the world, we see that, now more than ever, we need Kabbalah to survive this wave of negativity that is becoming increasingly thicker everyday. The gentleness of the Creator is waiting for us at the end of this course. At the end? No, I think that when I will meet the Creator, at the end of the BB Course, I will never want to stop studying with Bnei Baruch!”

Antonia Adabbo

Antonia Adabbo – Philadelphia, PA

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