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Kabbalah suggests that we can avert a bleak scenario for our lives by creating a new scenario, one in which we decide to change our egoistic nature before our suffering leaves us no other choice...

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The method of Kabbalah is like a magnifying glass that helps us see the root of all our problems

Kabbalah suggests that we can avert a bleak scenario for our lives by creating a new scenario, one in which we decide to change our egoistic nature before our suffering leaves us no other choice. It teaches us how to develop in harmony with nature - how to perceive ourselves as one integrated human organism, instead of as separate individuals.
Global Crisis?So What!?

Because of the global nature of the problem, anyone of us can be next - so why don't we care!?
Kabbalah explains it very simply:
What's preventing us from thinking soberly and effectively about the problem is our cunning, narrow egoistic perception. It blinds us from seeing the broader perspective, from being able to evaluate the full gravity of the situation. Moreover, our ego blinds us to the fact that we are causing this to ourselves, and are therefore able to prevent it!

The fact is, we don't have to tread "the path of suffering" - as Kabbalah calls it. If we develop a perception of bestowal - an altruistic perception, perception of the connections between us and of the bigger picture of reality - we will put an end to our growing imbalance with Nature and correct our actions in line with what Nature desires from us.

It's hard for us to acknowledge that we are the source of our problems. We will explore all possible alternatives before we accept the only true solution - the need to change ourselves.

Hence, Kabbalists offer us their method, which will lift us above our egoism and open our eyes to the reality that is right in front of us. Then, we will not only stop going against our higher development, but we will also discover its beauty, and continue the process of our own accord.
But this is not some belief or nice way of thinking. It is completely opposite to our nature and wishing won't make it so. We need a method to actually achieve it. In fact the Science of Kabbalah was meant precisely for this moment in human history.

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Tony Kosinec

Senior Instructor, Advanced Student of Rav Laitman, and host of "Kabbalah Revealed," Shalom TV Cable Network

Michael Kellogg

Senior Instructor, Advanced Student of Rav Laitman, and author of "Wondrous Wisdom" (Upper Light Publishing)

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