Winter 2010 Semester
Winter 2010 Semester
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Bnei Baruch Learning Center is hosting a free, live, interactive video course
introducing authentic Kabbalah.
Spring Semester 2010 Begins April 14, 2010 at 8pm EDT (Americas) & at 9:00pm GMT (U.K.)
Welcome to the Bnei Baruch Learning Center!
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Veronica Mengana – Toronto, Canada  

Veronica Mengana – Toronto, Canada"I had no interest in spirituality for most of my life, although I always believed that there was a "higher power."After hearing about Kabbalah on television and seeing a lot of buzz around it in recent years I Googled "Kabbalah" and began my journey. The connection with Bnei Baruch was immediate. I somehow knew I found the truth. It was a very emotional experience going through all the videos on the website, where Dr. Laitman touches upon issues that were very dear to me. I saw how there was a totally genuine and original relationship from this man to all kinds of topics, a genuineness that spoke from a much deeper or higher place than anything else I’ve encountered. I enrolled in a course at the Learning Center and since then, I have never felt the need to search elsewhere"

Mike Lyons – London,United Kingdom  

Mike Lyons – London,United Kingdom"I heard the word "Kabbalah" from an early age. At first it seemed like it was a magic formula. As years went by, I heard snippets about it from friends. I read Michael Laitman's Attaining the Worlds Beyond, and that was really some experience. On the back cover, it mentioned "Bnei Baruch," and so I researched a little and enrolled in the Bnei Baruch Learning Centre course. With the kind patience of the instructors I found that to find spirituality one has to find the right environment for it and I finally found it. I was at the point of giving up my 47 year search for the meaning of existence, but I never knew what I was in for. Kabbalah as taught by Bnei Baruch is something entirely different to every other method, it is pure spirituality, and has finally done justice to the word."

Jennifer Federico – Wickliffe, Ohio  

Jennifer Federico – Wickliffe, Ohio"Growing up I explored different kinds of churches and always questioned everything, and my questions led me to find all sorts of cracks at the basis of every church I would attend. I found out about Kabbalah through a friend and started studying at the Bnei Baruch Learning Center. You wouldn't believe it but all the questions I had on my mind, which Christianity wasn't solving, were being answered immediately. The instructors were warm, loving and wise and I enjoyed every class I took. It's been a year and a half since I started studying, and I haven't looked back."

Anna DiPalma – Toronto, Canada  

Anna DiPalma – Toronto, Canada"My search for spirituality really started when I was seven or eight years old, however in my childhood I had nowhere to search for spirituality. I finally discovered Kabbalah in my forties and for the first time in my life I thought I had something going in my search for spirituality. What really changed the course of my life is picking up a Kabbalah Today newspaper. In fact a real turning point happened one night in 2007 when Dr. Laitman gave a lecture in Toronto. Upon meeting him I was extremely impressed with the answers he was able to give me. That night I purchased books, began watching Kabbalah TV and started studying at the Learning Center."

Jesse Mason – Detroit, Michigan  

Jesse Mason – Detroit, Michigan"I grew up very loyal to the church, both because I feared eternal damnation, and because much of my mom's family attended there and I love them very much. In college and especially after 9/11 I spent countless hours online and my worldview unraveled as I lost my trust for authorities, religious, political or otherwise. I stopped going to church and studying the Bible, and I started studying history, world religions and their origins, trying to understand what is actually going on and why in the world. I searched YouTube for videos on Kabbalah and after several videos I came across what is quite possibly the single most important video I've ever seen: Perceiving Reality. It was like gasoline was poured on the fire of my heart. I followed the link in the video to the Bnei Baruch Learning Center's site and - lucky for me! - started the new semester with the Learning Center the very next week."

Jocelyn Steeves – Sharbot Lake, Canada  

Jocelyn Steeves – Sharbot Lake, Canada"I always knew that I was limited in my perceptions but still felt an all encompassing reality existed. My husband was attracted to the Bnei Baruch site because, unlike the others, it offered a free course of studies with free books. They were not out to sell, they were there to teach. I realized that Kabbalah was the method for attaining a completely different reality to ours and the Learning Center has taught me the methodology to attain this reality. Since starting at Bnei Baruch, and since the concepts have sunk in, I feel like I'm on a path that's developing, like I'm always moving forward to a greater awareness of how this world works. It's truly wonderful, and turns your everyday life into a moment by moment rollercoaster ride. Kabbalah gave my life new purpose."

Jike Paramo, Mexico City MX  

Jike Paramo, Mexico City MX"I had been looking for a long while and then I found the online course. It was strange at the beginning because it was unusual not to be able to see the people and to interact with them, but then I realized that the connection is deeper than just sitting next to each other.  It’s just an overwhelming experience and it’s the most important thing I’ve ever done.  Now when I look back I wouldn’t really talk to the guy I was before I started studying.  Instructors make it so easy that is just feels that it all makes sense.  It was a life changing experience."

Louise Pierce, Arlington, VA  

Louise Pierce, Arlington, VA"My life has been a big search for that something I’ve never known. So I started with many disciplines but after a friend sent me the Learning Center materials, I’ve never looked back. I had no problems studying online. It’s indescribable because I’ve never had this camaraderie before with other people. It’s different… the Learning Center is entirely different and meeting other people is entirely different."

Mikael Folkesson, Sweden  

Mikael Folkesson, Sweden"I searched, questioned and looked for answers everywhere. I came to Kabbalah and it really changed everything, because it has the answers! Studying spirituality online is great, in how you can really feel the connection, the support, and the guidance coming from the others studying. I couldn’t understand anything reading the books alone, and then, during the first class, everything started opening up. It’s now after the course, and I’m a new man. I discovered that there is an extraordinary purpose in life, and I found my purpose. Although I now feel a great responsibility upon myself, I feel secure and harmonious. I found profound answers to all my questions that I can put to the test and develop."

Sally Stroud – Klamath Falls, Oregon  

"I searched high and low for meaning but no matter what I found I felt that it didn't go deep enough toward the source. Once I came across Bnei Baruch it was an entire new revelation for me. It made so much sense, and was the end of my search for meaning. The Learning Center made it clear how Kabbalah is neither mysticism, occultism, religion nor any of the other things people associate it with. It was but something completely outside of anything I've read in all the other books that just has to be tested to be believed. At the online course I took the material was presented so clearly and made so much sense that I could see the truth of what was taught right there before me."

Karen Modlin – Kohav Yair, Israel  

"I began to seriously question the meaning of life as a teenager. My search led me to existential literature, and studying Psychology in the hope of finding answers to my questions, but even after years of study and being in Psychotherapy, I was no closer to feeling at home with myself in the world. An inner emptiness led me to try a variety of "spiritual" methods I was attracted to these but was unable to really commit to them. I found Bnei Baruch through a friend and felt a real connection to the study materials. I have been connected daily ever since and this has been the fulfillment that I have been searching for. There is hardly a lesson that does not cause me to cry, to tremble and to rejoice in this discovery-that I am not alone, that there exists within all of us the ability to deeply connect to one another, and that this "glue" that holds us all together in love, is in fact the Creator!"

Ramon Quinn, Hampton VA  
  • “Those most important questions reappeared and I went searching. I found the Learning Center on the Internet. It just reinvigorated my sense of hope and my sense of purpose. I log on and start seeing everybody’s messages, the greetings, the music and then everything starts happening. It is unlike anything I’ve ever imagined before. It grabbed me by my heart and I couldn’t let go. I have not become a totally different person but I am focused on understanding myself. It’s an intense and compelling experience that I want to be a part of instead of just eating, sleeping and working or meeting my friends for drinks.”
Noah Hornberger, Chicago IL  
  • “In my life, I experienced success easily, but I always felt terrible about everything and nothing made any sense. I started searching, and came across the Perceiving Reality series online, which led me to the Learning Center. Initially, I was skeptical but immediately in the first lesson there was warmth and clarity in the instructors, and I just knew that this was some authentic wisdom. Through it, I’ve been brought from being very introverted to being very friendly. Online, I was able to connect to people without being self conscious and share this bond through the study. I now look for what I can develop in other people, and have discovered, if only a little bit of that immense energy that comes to you when you study this wisdom. It’s unbelievable, and I recommend it strongly for anyone else out there who’s searching and hasn’t tried it.”
Peta de Havilland, London UK  
  • “I thought “I found something that made sense.” I understood it very quickly and it just seemed to fit really well. I’m coming to understand myself as a person a lot better than I did three years ago. When you are studying online it’s all live, so you can interact and communicate with your tutors and other people who are studying at the same time. It feels like you’re surrounded by thousands and thousands of people studying the same things at the same time, however since the goal of the study is so uniting, these thousands of people feel like one person. I’ve never felt such closeness to people before. This wisdom holds wonders for people and for the world, and I only hope others will be able to benefit from it like I have.”
Wendy Harding, Hartford CT  
  • “I’ve always been searching for something and I tried to find it in religion, in healing… everywhere. Studying Kabbalah, you feel an amazing connection with people you don’t even know. Even if you don’t see them, you just feel them. It’s very hard to explain, but you feel a special kind of connection, and goodness coming from this connection. It’s made my life a lot richer and bigger than it was. When I met others studying, I feel like I belonged to them, like I’ve known them all my life, even though I haven’t. It’s a really strange connection, a good one. It’s like everybody is friends no matter who you are, where you are from, what money or job you have – it doesn’t matter.”
Janice R, Chicago  
  • "I always tried to find an answer to the question of "what is it all for?" and never could. I didn't find the personal relationship with God that I was looking for in religion, and all Bible interpretations I received seemed too literal or not convincing enough to me. I followed various philosophies and was also left empty. When I came across Kabbalah years ago, I didn't understand what it was talking about but I wanted to know more. I took the free online course at the Bnei Baruch Learning Center, and after the first lesson I knew this was "it". I loved the articles we studied and the topics that we covered were fascinating. At one of the lessons we studied about the breaking of vessels. Once I saw what happened and our subsequent purpose in life, everything I had ever studied made sense. All my questions were answered and my path was clear."
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