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The world we are living in today is global and integral.

This means that all of its components and systems are completely interdependent, and each element determines the fate of all the other elements in the world. This state is the result of progress, and from this moment on, there is no room for discord among the different parts of the world, since anything that is against integration is against progress, evolution, and most important, the law of Nature.

We all must realize that the absolute connection between all the parts of the world is a fact.

A person who goes along with this integration will succeed because he will have the necessary skills for survival.

Today, it is not the strongest individuals who will survive. Rather, survival depends upon one’s ability to understand and appreciate that integration, cooperation, interconnection, mutual guarantee, concessions, and unification are Nature’s call. The goal of Nature is to bring humanity to equivalence with Nature itself, to the ultimate harmony amongst all of its parts, and to complete perfection.

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