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Creating a New, Unifying Internet

– Children are ready for the new reality, but parents are frightened by it. When we experimented with parents, it seemed like they were interested in the integral method, but as soon as they had a chance to try it out in practice, the habit of prohibitions was switched on. Also, parents are afraid of the internet and its possibilities, and try to control the information that children have access to, and indeed, many internet sites contain negative information. So what is the right way to allow a child to surf the internet?

– The internet is an absolutely free environment making it a double-edged sword: it can be a life giving elixir or a lethal poison.

Naturally, youths, with their hormonal surges, sensitivity to public opinion, intense emotional states, and inherent psychological instability, are subject to all sorts of risks. But I think that young people are attracted to communication. At our venues, they really are able to socialize with each other freely, and this socialization gives them a sense of “transcending” the negative influences, including those found on the internet.

There really is no choice in the matter: We must join the competition that is already on the internet, and I think this is a good thing. We will all learn from it and we will circumvent the obstacles in a way that will make us more appealing, while providing better answers to young people’s questions.

We are in a war against powerful rivals whose goal is to sell our children anything that brings them profit. And usually, these things are bad for children. But this war is precisely the means that will enable us to find the right way to express ourselves in order to really reach the new generation.

These obstacles are first and foremost meant for us rather than for our children because it is how we will begin to understand our children. Through parents trying to break through to children by involvement in different sites—which are attractive because of their easy access, simplicity, and exposure—we will learn to understand the nature of the new society that we are trying to create. We adults are starting to understand nature’s challenge. We are the previous generation while our children are the future generation. The transition from the past to the future happens precisely through the war over the new virtual space where humanity will truly unite.

Also, we are not at all against people being exposed to online sex. The only problem I see is sites that promote violence. Actually, even those are not such a big problem because they will dissipate. These violent sites display their greed, bile, and negativity, and people will begin to feel it and will not be attracted.

I think that we have to gradually explain our worldview as well as how it is activated by the law of Nature. We cannot change Nature’s laws. We simply need to explain to people about the laws of development, the boundaries in which we exist and which we must carry out one way or another. And the earlier we do this, the better it is for everyone, since then we won’t have to wait for the blows to force us to adhere to the conditions of Nature’s laws.

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