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Creating an Integral Environment

I would like to talk to you about the concept of “boundary.” When modern children get together, something very strange happens to them: It’s as if they turn into uncontrollable animals. Adults constantly complain that children are unruly and don’t yield to any upbringing. What is this that is happening and how should we relate to children’s hyperactivity?

– Hyperactivity is the problem of our time. It has existed for several decades now, but we initially didn’t recognize it. We first thought it was some kind of illness or disorder, but then we noticed that it is a phenomenon, and not long after, it turned into the norm. We have already discussed that the new generation is different: egoistic, nudged on from the inside by very powerful impulses that are of a completely new quality.

Therefore, we cannot approach them with the previous standards in order to decide whether their behavior crosses the line or not, because their “line” is new. In fact, everything with them is new. We call it hyperactivity, but for them it’s normal.

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