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The Need for the Appropriate Mass Media

– Social psychologies that study modern Western society say that this society is operated by the law of trade off: “You give something to me and I give something you.” They say that even friendship is defined by this “You give me and I give you” concept, only in this case it is stretched out over time. This means that the modern person is entirely imbued in this idea of trade off, and what you are describing is a fundamentally different paradigm, a different worldview.

How can we, people who are pervaded by the law of trade off, by egoism, adopt a different paradigm and pass it on to our children?

– We have to create the appropriate mass media materials to influence people. The Communists in Russia dreamed of this. This is why they built the socialist system in the Soviet Union. But they did not achieve anything because they wanted to impose their worldview by force.

We do not impose our ideas on anyone. We are just showing people the state of the world and of Nature, the challenge Nature is presenting us with, and Nature’s globality and integrality. It obligates us to be similar to it, while now we are the opposite of it.

We have no other choice but to explain that everything that is happening in the world is the result of our similarity or dissimilarity to the surrounding environment. We are the only ones who are not in harmony with the environment, and by that we cause all the problems and crises in Nature.

We have to create a system of upbringing that will constantly give us positive examples, every moment, through books, movies, internet, and television. Everything we see must unequivocally show us what is good for us and what is bad, in what regard are we similar to Nature and in what regard are we not, and in what way does this reciprocal connection operate.

Nature does not know mercy, and the sword is already raised over our heads, ready to strike. The law of gravity is unchanging. You can talk to it and beg for mercy, but if you walk off the roof of a ten story house, you will fall from the 10th floor, whether you’re a good person or a bad one.

In a society where everyone is connected as one single whole, everyone is under the influence of a single law, regardless of how you act. There is a condition called “mutual guarantee,” by which everyone depends on everyone else, every person is responsible for everyone else, and no one has any obligation as a separate entity.

By constantly explaining where we are and what kind of trap we are caught in, by showing people that we have exhausted our options, we will create a system of upbringing that will change them. And whether we create it voluntarily or involuntarily depends on our sense of urgency.

For our survival, we must become similar to this system—integral and globally connected with one another and with Nature, just like all of Nature’s other parts, because we are a part of Nature, we don’t govern it.

– What you are now describing is evident only to researchers who study Nature in depth.

– But they can present us with all the necessary data. And when artistic people learn these laws, they will express them through various forms of mass media and by other means of mass communication. They will create plays and movies based on these laws, which could be shown alongside the current movies that depict a horrible end to civilization. This can help people understand precisely why everything is happening as it is, and how we can correct everything. This will help them see that Nature already has the forces of correction.

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