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How to Occupy and Feed Seven Billion People

– In different societies, people perceive the notion of “mine” differently. Some consider only their apartment to be their own and don’t care what is happening on the bus or in the subway, so they throw their garbage on the floor there. But another person considers an entire city his own. Does the integral person you describe consider the whole world his own?

–Yes, but he gets there gradually. We cannot demand everything from people all at once. We shouldn’t focus on individuals but on the social environment instead, because this is what raises him. We have to create such surroundings around a person that bring him up the right way.

Today an enormous amount of people are unemployed throughout the world. On the other hand, a slew of superfluous products are being produced. If we free up the people who produce the superfluous products, we will discover that only half a billion out of the 6.5 billion people in the world need to work, while the rest have nothing to do. So how will they feed themselves?

People will be paid for creating the right social environment. There must be global, regional, municipal, and neighborhood organizations whose only purpose and activity is to promote the concept of the integral way of life.

If this is your job, then you are an educator for everyone else. You have to make movies, ads, pictures, and books about this, and you have to talk about it. Your job is to walk around the streets and smile at everyone you see. That’s right! There will be work for everyone, while half a billion workers will feed the others without producing anything excessive or polluting the earth.

This approach gives people the right intention. They start treating others kindly because that is their obligation, but meanwhile, others perceive this as the norm of the new behavior.

It doesn’t matter that they receive money for acting that way. What’s important is that they turn habit into a second nature, evoking Nature’s favorable influence on them because they become similar to it.

Only now are we beginning to study the influence of our thoughts and desires on Nature. It’s striking how even animals and plants perceive goodness and start treating us differently. And people are even more sensitive than flowers and animals.

By becoming similar to Nature, we will evoke an enormous positive influence on the world and it will truly change. To accomplish this, we need to create a good system of upbringing, involving billions of unemployed people in it who will do precisely this work.

It will require about half of humanity to raise the young generation. This won’t require teachers of various disciplines, but educators—people who will give youths examples of the right behavior in a global society. There has to be as many educators as there are people being raised.

Then we will find ourselves in that integral mechanism into which Nature is forcing us. Suddenly, like a clutch in a car, we will start connecting like cogwheels, “click,” and I am connected, unable to move anywhere alone. Now what should I do?

This mechanism should also contain proper cogwheels that say, “You do not have to spin together with everyone. Annul yourself and you will see that everyone is spinning just the way you want them to.” When you do this, then you acquire freedom.

– When you describe this picture, it makes me remember my childhood. We also had times when we acted together. There was a wonderful atmosphere when we built snow castles together, for example. But then bullies would come, destroy everything we built, and beat us up.

Do you think that if we build this system correctly then there won’t be any bullies?

– Imagine that you are hiring 3 billion people to work and you are starting to train them. They don’t do anything yet besides being students at your university. Everyone is sitting in front of screens, studying via this worldwide virtual channel. Each person is learning in his own language about the world they live in, and they are getting paid for it. They write papers and reports, and study just as in school, from age 20 through old age. The hungry and homeless are given all the necessities, and the work for which they are paid is to study and do homework.

Everyone has to go through this kind of schooling and get a diploma that will enable them to live comfortably. After six months, you appoint them as educators in this system for half a day, while continuing to study during the second half of the workday. Gradually, they enter this system on their own and begin to behave the way they are taught among them and with others.

By providing the necessary work for everyone, you create a normal atmosphere. Nature becomes balanced and stops punishing you with earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes. We evoke these problems ourselves because the human mind, desires, and drives influence Nature more than anything.

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