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Adults Are the Same Ill-Bred Children

– The picture of the future school where children interact this way is very attractive for many people who are familiar with it. Can the same examples be used for adults?

– Adults are the same ill-bred children; they are just unaware of it. You see what they do on TV and what kind of conversations they have: They talk about how to get married, how to lose weight, or how to cook some dish. People are drawn to socializing.

Socializing is the most important thing for people, especially the kind of socializing that allows you to snoop into real life. Therefore, the kinds of discussions we have with our children at our education center are the most useful kind for society. These discussions just have to be formed properly and eloquently, so they are attractive and dynamic. If we form programs in this way, they will be the most in-demand TV programs; I am certain of that.

People who did not receive the integral upbringing in childhood don’t know how it is possible to come out of yourself and place yourself on the side while placing another person inside of you, how to place yourself in someone else’s shoes or take another’s qualities into yourself. If people were not taught these techniques, then they don’t know how to interact with each other correctly, so of course they are miserable. They wander about as if they’re in the dark, bumping into each other, quarreling, and getting offended.

Children have to be taught how to “dress” in each other, how to understand other people, how to accuse someone else, defend him, help him, and harm him, so everything is researched by every child through examples in life, both in groups and in TV programs.

We have to start preparing to bring the entire population of the world into the new educational system. Without it we won’t survive. It doesn’t matter how old a student is, if he’s an adult or a child. Children study in this system throughout an entire day, and we have to do the same thing for adults.

The half billion people who will service all the others will also study in this system: They will study for half a day and will carry out the necessary jobs during the second half. We have to do this because otherwise humanity won’t survive.

We are entering a system in which we are all cogwheels. Under the influence of the clutch pedal—Nature—we are beginning to make contact with one another. Soon we will start spinning together. I already feel how I am being locked together with others, but when I express even a little bit of my independence, I discover problems.

The reason for all the crises is that we are not spinning together. As a result, the system starts jamming and we stop spinning. This is a picture of collapse, worldwide crisis in all realms of life.

What will we be left with? How will we service one another? Nature will start excluding us. It has already practically excluded Japan, the Near East countries, and Russia from the entire world production. Look at what is happening to America, at what a downward spiral it is on. And what will happen to other countries? Will we get to a point where the only thing remaining in the world will be terrorism as the progressive form of activity? Everything is declining, and only terrorism is rising and flourishing. What have we come to?

I think we will overcome our resistance and understand that only worldwide education and upbringing, where every person is obligated to study, will lead us to harmony and peace.

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