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Children Are the Teachers of the Next Generation

– Should the educator interact with the children’s parents?

– It’s preferable for the same setting and attitude to continue at home. Unfortunately, this is only possible if the parents also go through this system of upbringing. Otherwise they simply won’t know what is required of them.

They will mechanically place some boundaries, the child will feel how artificial they are, and will think that his parents don’t understand anything. He will be much more internally flexible than them. He will be socially wiser and will have a better understanding of society, human relations, motivations, goals, and mindset. This wisdom will keep developing in him even if we stop providing him with psychological nuances and methods.

If the parents don’t develop alongside the child, he will view them as merely “animals” [belonging to the animate degree of development]. One’s attitude toward society and one’s ability to create the right environment are what differentiate a person from an animal.

– Suppose parents study the method of integral upbringing on their own level to some extent.

– They have to go through our courses before they even start planning on having children. And that doesn’t apply just to parents. In principle, all people must go through it: young, old, and children. But it’s especially important for those who plan on becoming parents. Are they planning to give birth to a human being of the future, or just a “cub”?

– So do we have to develop courses for people who did not go through all of these phases in childhood? Is it possible to prepare them now?

– Only through the media, especially internet and television. There are no other means. Print materials are becoming practically extinct, leaving internet and television as the most important means of communication.

We have to understand that all of humanity is on the threshold of a new world and needs to go through a buffer period in its upbringing, its education, so they can be learning while adapting to it.

Soon there won’t be anything else for us to do. We won’t have the raw materials to produce everything we are producing today just to throw out what we buy six months later. People will gradually start devoting more and more time to organizing these educational establishments, so I am certain that the most important profession in the next generation will be an educator, an instructor, or a teacher. But first, they have to be properly trained for it.

I hope that the children who are currently studying in our groups will become the first teachers of the future generation.

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