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A Flight above the Universe

– You have repeatedly mentioned how important it is for a person to come out of his “I” and try out a different role, or to look at a situation in life from a different perspective. If we imagine that in this global game there are men and women of different ages and professions, then can I register and become a child, for example, or should I always be myself?

– If I tune into this system, then I have to include everyone around within me. Otherwise I won’t be able to connect with them harmoniously. Therefore, I have to experience and understand everyone. That is, I have to reveal all of my qualities and all of the inclinations that exist in me from the beginning, but that are concealed or distorted by Nature for now. I have turned myself into an egoistic mutant! But if I start revealing these qualities inside me, I will discover an ability to feel the whole of Nature—the still, vegetative, and animate parts of it—as well as all of humanity, and even beyond.

When we include everything within us, when all the streams of information, thoughts, and desires pass through me, I begin to feel the following, higher level of Nature, its plan, its overall thought, the cause and effect, its goal, and the final state of my existence.

In every piece or fragment of Nature’s actions, we see a cause and effect development with a specific goal at every stage. But we do not see the final goal! Today this final goal is defined as absolute harmony of all parts of Nature.

By uniting among us and with the entire surrounding world, we begin to sense Nature’s plan and its final state, the goal. We begin to feel ourselves existing simultaneously at its next level, which is informational, common, and complete.

A person starts to feel eternity, infinity, perfection, that which exists beyond our universe, in the infinite thought of Nature, that which incited this drop of energy to explode and create our universe.

And perhaps we will come to sense or observe our universe conceptually, from aside. But that is already a different mind.

This opens up tremendous perspectives before us. And that is what should happen because the attainment of integrality leads us beyond the boundaries of our universe. It is a breakthrough into the next level of sensation, attainment, and information.

– By entering this global game on the internet and starting to interact there, building the common system, will I be able to imagine this common picture?

– The sensation of integrality, the universal connection on the level of an intelligent human being ( homo sapiens) brings you to a state where you include the entire system of Nature within you, including its lower parts—still, vegetative, and animate. That way you start to understand its plan, the inner formula of interconnections.

– When integration becomes your nature, you begin to feel Nature’s plan. When you achieve your corrected state, you become a ripe fruit and begin to understand the meaning of your existence. That’s when you rise to the next level.

– Can all this be done through the internet, through a game?

– This is achieved by changing man. And in principle, this is why egoism was given to us. With its help, by constantly ascending above it and changing ourselves in spite of its influence, which seems to halt us and get in our way, we develop ourselves integrally and assimilate into this integration. In other words, egoism constantly helps us to develop.

Similarly, when you’re a grade school or college student, you can’t advance unless you solve exercises in the process of the study. That is how we develop in Nature, by constantly solving some kind of problem.

There is a very interesting goal before us. Our egoism is like a constantly developing and resurfacing exercise. If we try to solve this exercise, our egoism will transform to connection, mutual love, altruism, and integrality.

Then we will see that we were created this way on purpose. This egoism constantly developed in humanity throughout history, precisely in order to bring us, today, to its intelligent realization in our community. Then, precisely thanks to it, by transcending it, realizing it in what seems like the opposite direction—the direction of connection and integration between us—we will see that it was all created for a purpose, that this is precisely the higher phase of Nature—the egoistic one—and it is pushing us to the next level. What level is that? We will find that out only once we rise. We will simply feel it.

This information, energy, thought, and desire will shift to a completely different level. With their help, by attaining the integral connection between us, we will rise to a different level of existence. I suppose that this will be higher than the initial and final points of our development within the boundaries of this universe. It will be a level above our universe.

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