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The World Soccer Championship

– As children we used to play “suicide checkers” and other “anti-games.” For example, in soccer the goal was not to win, but to give in and lose. Are you now talking about this kind of anti-game?

– No! On the level of our world we have to play by strictly observing all the rules. And each of us plays by realizing the opportunities given to him, without giving in to anyone.

But above this mechanical competition, how do we elevate our intention, build unity, and the right attitude to one another? How do we compete with one another? It’s done in the intention, and not just the physical competition.

The game remains the same, but becomes more correct and conducted by the rules. It is played without any particularly harsh offenses, in a very “gentlemanly” manner, but no more than that.

Above this we build relationships within every team and between the teams so that the system composed of 22 players on a green field would appear absolutely harmonious to the spectators, consisting of elements that are opposite yet interconnected by a harmonious and conscious connection.

This meaning has to be realized in all forms of human activity. This world remains the same material world, consisting of many qualities and controlled by two opposite forces, which we have to unite. Man is a being that connects all the opposing forces of Nature in order to attain a single goal, harmony.

– Say there is a world soccer championship, and it has reached the final. Two billion people are watching this event. There are two teams that realize their mastery to the maximum. The game is progressing beautifully, in grand style. And you’re saying that it doesn’t matter who wins? Then what’s the outcome of it?

– All the players and spectators achieve profound unity. This is the goal of the process called “soccer.”

– And this is not happening at the current world championship?

– What are you talking about!? At the current world championship one player is paid 10 million dollars, another is paid 5 million, and another receives 2 million, and they all play just for this. They don’t even care what team they play for. They’ll go wherever they are paid most.

Give me a billion dollars and I will gather up a team that will tear apart the whole world. It’s only a matter of money and nothing else. But if the inequality of the teams becomes obvious, then people will lose interest in the game and there will be nothing to make them watch. Soccer is a business, so there is a consensus among the competitors to gather up teams that are more or less equal in order to lure spectators into the arena.

This is a sheer lie, a show. The games themselves are fixed and how they will proceed is known even before the game starts. Two billion people get worked up because someone agitates them, someone processes them intentionally, winding them up with “bread and games.”

And most importantly, what is the result? A mass beating of the fans.

– Usually, yes.

– There’s the celebration of friendship and sports for you.

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