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Infinite Goodness

– Is our task as educators to use people’s egoistic potential to gradually build the system of interaction above it?

– This is exactly how that potential is actualized. It cannot be realized any other way because it is suppressed by everyone else. We are always limited, as if we are in jail with our hands tied.

To the extent we can unite with each other, rising above our egoism, we will see that we can let it go, shake free of its shackles. To the extent that we prepare an intention to connect ahead of time, we can be free from egoism. Then we will see how everything is immediately realized wonderfully, how we are truly free and don’t have to limit ourselves.

There is nowhere to hide from egoism. And we don’t have to! It’s growing, and that’s great! You only have to build your connection with others above it, and then this egoism will exist for a good cause.

– This is really inspiring, on the conceptual level. But in the practical sense, what does a child need in order to take this step toward other people?

– He must be in daily contact with the rest of the children under the educator’s supervision.

– What has to happen there? Does he have to see another person?

– A child starts to perceive reality even before he is born. But we are talking about children at an age when they can be accepted into a group and certain physical boundaries and limits can be introduced.

A two-year-old child expresses very rudimentary needs for a collective, such as for someone he can play with or look at. Before that, he barely notices others.

From this age on, we accept children into this system, which helps them develop the right sensation of others, a sensation of the “neighbor” and the right attitude toward him. If a child is brought up this way, there is no doubt that within a few years he will become an integral element of society.

Egoism surfaces in him and is simultaneously compensated. It’s not an attempt to level it, but precisely its supplementation with altruistic intentions. A child develops harmoniously, without feeling any limitations whatsoever from his parents, school, and educators.

By receiving the correct upbringing, he easily and freely adapts egoism to any circumstances and discovers that Nature brings him only goodness, that all the “negative” qualities are there to warn him, “That’s not allowed! Don’t touch this! Don’t do that! This is not yours!”

When a person builds the right intention over the egoism, he discovers that nothing is forbidden, that Nature is infinitely good in everything it does to him and in the way it leads us.

– What is the right intention?

– Integrality, the right interconnection. When I include another person’s desires into my own, and he does the same, then we are treating each other the right way.

We are both egoists, but above our egoism we build a reciprocal interface so that I perceive his egoism as mine and he perceives my egoism as his. It turns out that we are both working on our common egoism. That is, we spin simultaneously like two wheels, without any resistance to one another.

Suppose he has 50 pounds of egoism and I have 100. His egoism is against me and mine is against him. But if above this egoism we build our mutual action and become included in one another, then we begin to perceive the system that raises us above the level of our interlinked egoism; we feel integration, love, and connection. Our mutual attainment corresponds to the common egoism that we use to connect with one another.

Our intentions can be measured in units of our inner efforts. Of course, this is difficult to do today. We still cannot measure a person’s ethical and moral efforts. But in principle, this can be measured.

We are building a new layer of a person’s existence, a new dimension. Let’s call it “spiritual.” This is the future of humanity where everything that is on the earthly level will become the foundation for the superstructure that we have to create.

When egoism grows to its maximum level and we fully realize it, we will relocate to that superstructure with our thoughts and feelings and will stop feeling our existence on the earthly level completely. It will simply disappear from our sensations. My “I” will exist only in the spiritual superstructure, and I will associate myself only with this layer.

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