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Individualistic Sensations Are Flawed

– Suppose there is a group of people who are united by a common desire to attain this lofty goal. What happens when a new person appears in this group? Do we have to include him into this system? How does that happen?

– To the extent he adapts to the group, he’ll find himself in the new, integral sense of perception, in a world that’s higher than the earthly one.

He feels the earth with his individual perception. But he can exist in the spiritual world if he has aspirations that are shared with the group that forms this integral sense.

– This means that the material level gradually becomes unimportant, like a background. But does it remain in one’s perception?

– It remains in one’s perception because we exist in a society that exists in the individual perception of the world, as opposed to its integral perception. As long as there is such a great number of individualists, we are surrounded by their perception of the world. They project their incorrect, individualistic sensations on us because we are a single whole and are all integrally interconnected.

The picture of the mutual universal dependence is starting to be revealed in our world only now, but in fact, we were always that way. I hope that this revelation will happen in the near future, if not in our generation, then in the next, or the one after it. Judging by the speed of the movement towards the expression of this integration, we can suppose that it will become clear very soon.

The whole world has to reach the understanding that the desirable state is the correct perception of reality, meaning one that isn’t distorted as in this world, where we exist in a small fragment of the entire universe. Everyone will reach this understanding, voluntarily or involuntarily.

In this world, we exist in an uncertain state where our perception is fragmentary and very hazy. There are certain vague, internal foretastes: something exists, existed, and will exist. There are riddles and answers. Fortunetellers’ forecasts come true, and everyone says there is destiny and life after death.

We have to understand that the true state will be revealed when we become similar to the integral nature, when we become the same single whole as Nature and connect all of Nature’s other parts through ourselves.

Then we will discover that all of its parts were always connected. It was only in man’s egoism that he perceived everything as divided, thus ruining everything inside of him. But outside of us, Nature is absolutely ideal, seamless, and perfect. By revealing this, we become the same as it, thus rising to its level of perfection and eternity.

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