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The World as a Mirror of Our Imperfection

– So it turns out that besides me, no one else exists?

– Everything that exists is like a mirror, a reflection of your inner, personal imperfection. Your perfection will be achieved when everything you now feel as external to you will be felt as internal.

– Is it that way specifically to me or is there someone else, for example, you, who imagines this the same way?

– No, I exist only in relation to you and only in order for you to absorb this part that you call me into yourself, so you will completely unite or merge with it, as two drops of water merging into one.

– If I am lying down and doing nothing, then does the world around me simply stop? Or does it “lead its life” regardless?

– The notions of “lead its life” or “stops” do not exist. It depends on what you sense. It is an absolutely individual picture! Physics explains that the observed picture is depicted by the qualities of the observer.

– Why is it so important for me not to be alone in this field, but to be with other subjects who are like me? Why am I so scared of being by myself?

– Because there is a program instilled in you by which you have to reach the absolute integration of the world inside of you. Until you realize this program, the informational genes that emerge in you, which prompt the progress toward integration, will remain unfulfilled. You will not be able to simply lie on the couch and do something unconsciously in order to move the world toward this universal, tighter connection.

Conquests and victories over others are expressions of our demand for a connection. This demand is also revealed through sciences, arts, politics, economics, and anything at all. Of course, these are incorrect forms of integration, but it is integration nonetheless.

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