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Me and Others Become “We”

– If the perception of the world is infinitely polymorphous, then why is this the correct method out of all others and why does everyone have to use it?

– Because that’s how Nature works. It is integral. We are the only ones in Nature who are not integral, meaning the only egoistic creatures. Nature is our cradle, but we exclude ourselves from it and position ourselves outside of it or even above it.

This tiny, insignificant person has the idea that he is destined to conquer, change, and break all of Nature, as if he knew what he was doing. Despite the fact that he is continuously discovering that he does not know anything, and that he is ruining and mutilating everything, he has this feeling.

This method was given to us so that we may reject it and, according to the law of “double negative,” conclude that we are the only non-integral part of Nature. Humanity is like a cancerous tumor within Nature, is consuming itself and the entire organism. This is how we treat each other and everything around us, the single organism of Nature.

When we understand what we are really like, we will discover the source and the reason for all the suffering in our human nature. Then we will begin to change it, consciously or unwillingly, under the influence of the problems that will arise.

These problems will become revealed in the near future in all of their horrifying, menacing, and all-enveloping dependence on us, and they will require of us to change. This demand on Nature’s part will force us to change. However, we will do it without annihilating the egoistic Nature, but by ascending above it! This is exactly what your friend in India is missing.

There are psychological methods that suppress egoism, turn it off or level it, or put us in a mood as if it doesn’t exist, “Let’s be like little animals or like plants. Let’s live life as if we do not have egoism. Let’s play games in a green field and dance around in circles holding hands.” All of this is incorrect!

Sometimes I watch performances by national ensembles that are playing an accordion and singing. This is all nice and pretty as a performance at a cultural event, but it cannot be an example for day to day behavior to the masses. These are customs, the inner essence of the nation. But today it cannot be expressed in this way. This is only good onstage at indigenous culture events.

We should not eradicate our egoism and descend to this naïve level. On the contrary, the call of the times is for a constant, enormous growth of egoism and our integration above it.

– A regular person would most likely ask, “But what do I need this for in the practical sense, in the sense of receiving pleasure? What will this give me and my children?”

– The short answer is that you will attain eternity and perfection. And afterwards it is possible to explain the details of it.

By interfacing with everyone else as parts of yourself, you find the missing elements that turn you into an eternal, perfect organism. You lose your small, egoistic “I,” but you acquire a tremendous sensation of the only “I” that exists. And what about the others? There are no others. Myself and others turn into “WE,” into one, common whole. Then the imperfection, deficiencies, and problems of our world—our current perception—disappear.

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