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The Model of Sanctity

– Almost every person considers something “sacred.” It can be a flag or an army regiment’s banner. It’s the concept of something that’s sacred and immovable. Is there anything in this method that can be called sacred?

– People have always had a need for this. They declared statues, trees, and stones sacred, or some adult or child. There has always been a need for a model that might even be nameless. In reality, this is the necessity to reveal the upper force, God, the Creator, something higher.

Today this need is not expressed so clearly, but it is still there. The religions are not dying out. They’re going into hiding for a time, and then they will rise back to the surface and even to the forefront of life. Religions in their normal and fanatic form are yet to become expressed. This is still ahead of us.

What needs to become sacred in human society is integration, our total equivalence with Nature. If we attain that, we will enter a state where nothing can harm us or touch us, nothing can move us from this perfect and eternal level.

When we enter that level, all of Nature will become included in us. We will completely close circuit it inside of us and perceive it as one eternal, perfect, and infinite whole. The problems of life and death will disappear, as well as the hardships and suffering because we won’t exist individually, but in the common, analog, integral system. This model is exactly what has to become sacred.

What does sacred mean? Do I have to experience any movement I make from the standpoint of how can I create, find, and form one more action inside of me for the sake of realizing this model? How can I help others—to the extent that I perceive them as existing outside of me—to see this model, understand it, and agree that this is our only correct future state? This is sanctity—the future, perfect state of humanity, which we can create today on our own.

– Can we play with this sacred thing in some way?

– It is created within us! It is not you or me, or someone else, but what we all create together. We do not draw some kind of little god or something that’s unacceptable to others, yet pleasant for our egoism. We create the Absolute! We create this higher force above us, and we are it.

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