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Collective Games with Egoism

Everything in the work of an actor is aimed at giving a person the ability to become included in others, to transcend his egoism.

I play with my egoism in a way that I come out of it and enter an altruistic role, becoming it. In this role I feel other people, what they are truly like. I learn to connect with them. And all of this becomes possible thanks to me rising above myself.

One has to learn to play the roles of everyone, and then, as it is written, “Habit will become second nature.” Gradually, we will see how beneficial this is and will desire to be in this state, in the right communication.

– This exit from oneself is very clear to me. When it happens, the sensation is astounding. But what do you mean by “the right communication”?

– We have to discover our absolute connection. The laws of commutation in an integral system are very simple. Each of us has his own nature. And he has to create such a field of understanding around him that through it he will be able to connect with others. We all have to do it. To the extent that every person creates this shell around him, finding the widest contact with the people around him, he will become corrected and will operate properly.

The efficiency of every element in society is achieved when a person keeps only his basic, initial, fundamental quality, his “I.” This initial quality we have is very small. All the other qualities in a person must be aimed only at enabling this “I” to connect with everyone else and work for the sake of others’ desires and qualities, for the purpose of building a connection with them.

It’s like a mother goose that is surrounded by 15 goslings. She thinks and cares for each of them. The little geese walk in front of their mom, and she treads behind them. Each of them is in her field of vision, and she makes contact with all of them.

That is how a person should position himself in relation to the environment, understanding every person’s desires, aspirations, thoughts, and worries. He should help all of these people make their dreams come true. Like any well working mechanism, we can only operate when all of the parts are in total agreement.

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