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Unity Brings People to the “Human” Level

– The constant act really does engross an actor. This brings him great pleasure, but at the same time, an agonizing feeling arises where you lose your self. How can one get rid of it?

– You don’t need to search for yourself. Go ahead, lose yourself. Feel yourself only when you make contact with other people and understand them.

– It doesn’t matter whom? After all, people have the most diverse personalities.

– We are talking about a society where all the people already aspire to include the qualities of others in them. Their aspiration to this is the beginning of the human fellowship.

If everyone wants to become included in everyone, then something common is formed. This is the result of our combination, our attempts to come out of ourselves and unite. This state is called “mutual guarantee” and it means that everyone is “in one heart,” one desire, one intention.

When a person begins to discern this common quality, then his own “I” goes into hiding and practically disappears. Then, a new quality emerges.

There is no me or you or him. Something singular and whole forms above us, composed of all three of us. But it is not the sum of our three qualities. It is one quality.

If we begin to feel our unity to this extent, in it, we will feel a new, higher dimension. Only this level of development is called “the human level.” Today we are still in the egoistic, animate state. But unity brings people to the state called “human.”

On this level, we begin to feel the integral, global, holistic nature. We acquire the sensation of eternal and perfect life, separating from all of our problems, our restless and agonizing states, and impulsive urges. A person becomes included in something different and new.

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