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A Therapeutic Program for Society

Learning from History

We draw on ancient sources to form the foundations of this method. These sources were created in Ancient Babylon, where the same problem appeared for the first time: incorrect egoistic connections emerged in an integral society...

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Saving Civilization

We have to show humanity that the end is already near. If only humanity could peek into this tube and see that it’s empty! Petroleum, gas, and water cannot be replaced with solar or nuclear power plants. A car travels ten kilometers on a liter of gas. And we don’t have any other fuel or energy that fits into a liter of liquid and can produce this kind of result. In other words, our civilization is petroleum based, and with petroleum gone, our civilization will end as well!..

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Upbringing on TV

You have a wholesome, harmonious method that is based on ancient sources and laws of Nature. We are already seeing the results of it on children who are being brought up in your system. But this is still many miles away from “the people.” How can we deliver your method to parents the world over?..

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How to Realize the Method

Is it necessary to bring this method to every person? Also, who should carry out this task—perhaps artists, scientists, and educators? And what means can we use?..

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Self-Education for Children and Adults

In order to realize this method, there have to be deliberately prepared educators who understand integral upbringing. How should their preparation be arranged?..

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Practice, Example, and Interaction

An employee of one educational center, where several thousands of children study, watched our programs and became very interested. Her question was, “Is it possible to already start introducing certain elements of this method to a regular school? Or is this a cohesive method that simply won’t work piecemeal?”...

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Upbringing for Juvenile Delinquents

We receive many requests from organizations that work with children whose behavior is aberrant and who were unable to fit into the structure, such as juvenile delinquents. These organizations say, “Come to us and do whatever you want,” because they have given up completely and don’t have any idea what to do. Should we begin a dialogue with them?..

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A Healing Program for Society

Suppose we create the ideal environment in which a child forms, but later he has to become integrated in the larger society. The problem is that there is nothing to become integrated into. There is no society and the social institutions are destroyed. And children don’t aspire anywhere because they see that there is nowhere for them to go...

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