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Saving Civilization

We have to show humanity that the end is already near. If only humanity could peek into this tube and see that it’s empty! Petroleum, gas, and water cannot be replaced with solar or nuclear power plants. A car travels ten kilometers on a liter of gas. And we don’t have any other fuel or energy that fits into a liter of liquid and can produce this kind of result. In other words, our civilization is petroleum based, and with petroleum gone, our civilization will end as well!

The only thing we need is to immediately reduce our consumption to the minimal level. We have to use the remaining resources only to provide the vital necessities. No one will starve or give up necessary things. People will lead a normal existence! The average modern family has to have an apartment, a job for all its members, and the means to raise and educate the children.

We have to inculcate the ideology of voluntary restriction from the bottom to the top. This includes feeding the hungry and lowering the standard of living of the wealthy to a normal level. Practically, this is socialism. But who will agree to it? What kind of suffering will be able to force us to redistribute all of the available resources, to make all members of society equal, to unite us with each other, and to establish the right interactions between them?

To arrive at such a system, we have to start feeling our absolute dependence on one another like one family. The contemporary person completely lacks this sensation and is completely indifferent to it. He has no need for a family, for children, relatives, or friends. His only interest is to have a good time during the period Nature has allotted him for his existence, called “life.”

Do we have time to work on upbringing? This is a long-term process that requires an entire system to be created. Unfortunately, we are under time constraints because in the next 10-15 years we will completely use up the remaining resources and then there won’t be anything left.

These are the data from published and unpublished research.

Therefore, our method of integral upbringing is first of all addressed to the parents. We are counting on man’s natural instinct to save his children. Let’s turn them into people! Let’s prepare them for this inevitable, necessary, future interaction of every person with everyone!

A person who enters integration correctly will benefit from it. He won’t just be well brought up, but will have the necessary skills for survival because it’s not the strongest who will survive, since there won’t be anything to snatch from one another. Survival will depend on one’s ability to adapt, to understand that integration, interconnection, mutual guarantee, concessions, connections, and unification is Nature’s call. And Nature’s goal is to bring humanity to equilibrium.

This system has to be developed in every language on the internet. There is no other solution. And first and foremost, it must address the parents because children are our future. Children who are 10 years old today will be that new humanity. We have to do everything for their sake.

I think that the only solution is to address man’s natural, egoistic desire to provide his children with a reliable program for life. Simply throwing this out to the people would be like shouting out in the desert. But when we address parents, we touch a sensitive point to which they can relate.

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