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Self Service for the Sake of Uniting

– How comfortable should this kind of place be? Should it be like a five star hotel or a tent in an open field? And accordingly, should there be self-service there?

– Of course, it’s best to have as much self-service as possible, as long as the time is not used only on servicing ourselves.

If we choose an “open field” and put up tents there, then our entire time will be spent just on settling-in. Therefore, everything has to be prepared, planned out, and carried out, but with the children’s participation.

We have to take part in servicing ourselves in a way where this activity serves as a basis for uniting, giving us the opportunity to work together. Our goal has to justify all of the work.

If peeling potatoes takes up the time we need to study, then things should be arranged so that someone else will peel the potatoes. But if we arrange things so that peeling potatoes becomes a joint activity of unification and an interesting study, then of course we will use it. Any work we do must be defined by how beneficial it is for upbringing.

– Can we introduce activities of labor? For example, we can arrange for the children to do agricultural work in the fields for several hours, which might be the first time they do something like that in their lives?

– Of course. Why not? Most important, any work should be sensed as common, so everyone sees that the success depends on each person individually and on everyone together, on supporting each other. This is necessary. It’s possible to work at an assembly line where the result depends on everyone. It’s worthwhile to think about which jobs to organize for them.

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