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Instructors of the Integral Upbringing

Theory and Practice for Educators

How can educators become good specialists who create the right environment for the children?..

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Humanity’s Lifesaver

There is a question about the prestige of the profession of educator. Currently it is not popular...

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The Educator’s Personal Qualities

Just like any other profession, the profession of an educator involves professional deformation. That is, any activity a person does changes him, distorts his personality, and tapers certain personality traits...

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What Should Be Written in the Student Record and Why

You said that it’s necessary to keep a record, a personal file for every student where information about him is kept. What information should it include and how open should it be to the child?..

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Professional Burnout

One very important problem is people “burning-out” professionally. Many people working with children and with adults “burn out” after a year or two. They simply can’t bring themselves to go to work. One reason for it is that a person does not use his entire personality when interacting with children. He uses only a narrow part of it. When this happens, everything else within that person is not activated, eventually causing inability to keep doing the job...

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The World Department of Education

Should people be able to enhance their professional knowledge by traveling to other countries to exchange experiences?..

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Educators’ Master Class

When you describe an educator’s work with children, I see that it is very similar to how you work with your students. I understand that it is not pure theory, but on the contrary, an absolutely practical science. I only have one question: How can it be adapted and circulated as widely as possible? Could you hold a constant, perhaps virtual, master class for beginning groups?..

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