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Theory and Practice for Educators

– How can educators become good specialists who create the right environment for the children?

– The preparation for educators has to be somewhat different than the preparation of regular school teachers because we are talking about upbringing rather than education. This requires expanded studies, which include the following topics:

Educators have to go through a serious study of all these topics as a theoretical preparation for subsequent work with children.

They should also have two types of practical studies. First, the educators should hold discussions, debates, and discernments with one another, while we check how correctly they understand the basics of the new society.

Second, they have to imitate various states, “dress in” children’s characters and each other’s, and imagine their participation in the life of a children’s group without making their presence stand out, thus preventing the children from acting naturally. They must develop the ability to guide children in the necessary vein of discussion, discernment, or analysis inconspicuously, like “secret agents.”

This way, they can smoothly shift from the role of the children to the role of educators, acting out both of them. This will come in handy in their work.

And that’s all. But this is not at all easy. First, it is necessary to find people with this ability. I am talking about men because the difficulties arise mainly with boys. There are fewer problems with girls, and for girls it’s necessary to prepare female educators and instructors.

– In about two or three minutes, you have described practically everything that I have prepared on five pages.

– Let’s consider this an introduction, a concise description of the basics. And now let’s move on to the more detailed answers.

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