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What Should Be Written in the Student Record and Why

– You said that it’s necessary to keep a record, a personal file for every student where information about him is kept. What information should it include and how open should it be to the child?

– I think there should be nothing secret in this file. The educators will record their observations in it, and the children will also have diaries where they will mark the phases of transformation from animal to human.

Even though we walk on two legs, we are still animals because we are completely subjugated by the force of Nature. However, by rising above our egoism and building an altruistic nature atop it, we rise above Nature and become people.

The “human” level does not exist in Nature. As a psychologist, you know this. Biologists and geneticists also confirm this. A human being is what we create within us. So the phases of the development of a human being in each of us are very interesting.

When I asked my teacher about this opportunity, he answered, “Yes, it’s worthwhile to make concise records about your main findings within you. It will let you get to know yourself better. Later you will see what you went through.” Today I can read this diary or look into my inner diary to see the phases I’ve been through.

Looking at my students, I see that they go through practically the same phases. Naturally, every person goes through them in his own style because we differ from one another in certain things. These records will be useful for self-analysis if every child studies himself in this way. But it’s not for anything other than self-analysis.

Our progress forward is self-attainment and the attainment of the whole world through ourselves. By developing ourselves, we see the world as more developed, wider, and richer.

For an educator, the student record is the mirror of his work. He doesn’t inspect the child through it, but checks himself, “Did I really act correctly? Is the child advancing along the right steps? Are there any vicious cycles that the child is constantly repeating?” That is, the student record is first and foremost a record about the educator.

– If the child is interested, can these records be one more reason to talk to the educator?

– Of course! We are all people and there is nothing secret here. The more open we are, the more we understand each other and have to know each other, and know that we simply must unite

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