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The Essence of Integral Upbringing

At the Height of Egoism

In our world, any object’s similarity or proximity to the surrounding conditions is comfortable for that object. Nature aspires for balance with the environment in which an object develops (in terms of temperature, pressure, and various other parameters). The same thing can be said for the human society. We always adjust ourselves to the environment; it compels us to do so...

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Humanity’s Salvation Is in Studying the Laws of Nature

My first profession is bio-cybernetics, where I studied systems. In closed systems, an integral, analog system requires all of its parts to be in complete interaction with one another. The system can work efficiently only when its elements interact in a coordinated fashion...

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The Law of Universal Interaction

What do you mean when you say, “the laws of Nature”?..

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We Are Talking About Survival

Most people have a practical, earthly mind. This kind of person will ask, “How can this affect me personally?”...

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A Bunker Won’t Save Us from the Integral “Tsunami”

Today we are observing a new phenomenon that’s happening on a massive scale: wealthy people are starting to buy up property in the mountains of Switzerland, buying houses somewhere out in the tundra. They feel that something is indeed about to happen, and have decided, “I will quickly run away and will wait it out in the mountains.”...

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From “Me” to “We”

If I do correspond to it, will I be leading some miserable existence just to survive, or is there something good in store for us, better than what we have now?..

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The Necessity to Create a Global Organization

Is this information field something alien within us, or do we simply have to reveal what is instilled inside of us?..

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No Discounts for Age

What should this course consist of? And who should teach it?..

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The Language of Inner Contact

How will this connection manifest?..

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Integral Ideas for the Creative Arts

I have a friend who’s a filmmaker and screenwriter. What should I suggest to him? What should the script be about, and how should it be built to contain integral ideas?..

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The Female Desire Will Correct Everything

What specifically can and should a woman who has heard you and understood you do? Usually a woman goes and immediately tries to “fix” her husband...

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Let’s Unite

What would you wish to people who are already willing to become part of this system?..

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