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At the Height of Egoism

– Can you explain what is integral upbringing and how it differs from what everyone commonly knows about education and upbringing?

At the Height of Egoism

– In our world, any object’s similarity or proximity to the surrounding conditions is comfortable for that object. Nature aspires for balance with the environment in which an object develops (in terms of temperature, pressure, and various other parameters). The same thing can be said for the human society. We always adjust ourselves to the environment; it compels us to do so.

But we are less sensitive to Nature. We don’t wish to be closer to it, preferring instead to surround ourselves with an artificial environment. We build houses, cool some things down and heat other things up, and create numerous artificial things.

A similar problem exists in society. We develop gradually, by formations. But today we have reached a new state where Nature, which forced us to come out of the caves, is forcing us to build an integral social life on the planet.

We have gone through all of the phases that were based on the development of egoism. The egoism constantly grew in us, compelling us to repeatedly transform ourselves and adjust to the environment.

Now our egoism has peaked. It seems to be losing its orientation, not having anywhere to keep developing. As a result, half of humanity is outright depressed, and probably even more are experiencing disguised depression. Additionally, there is international terrorism, abuse in families, economic problems, depletion of the earth’s natural resources, hyperactivity in children, and so on.

We have reached a certain borderline that has been outlined by sociologists and other scientists. Doctors are noticing a drastic rise in the population’s psychological instability.

In the last few decades, Nature has clearly manifested its integrality. Whether we want it or not, to survive and to exist more or less comfortably, individuals and society as a whole must study this new state. We are being “cloaked” from the outside by the entire surrounding environment, and we have to assume its form.

What is the meaning of humanity’s “integral state”? It is the interconnection of all the people. We see that one way or another, all people end up being interconnected, but not by their own will. They resist it, while Nature compels them to it. That’s why crises emerge, including problems in the political, economic, and government realms, and even between children and parents. Our unwillingness to become similar to Nature evokes ecological cataclysms and natural disasters that threaten us.

According to many researches, we have crossed the point of no return; there is no way back. Where are we going? What should we do?

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