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Humanity’s Salvation Is in Studying the Laws of Nature

My first profession is bio-cybernetics, where I studied systems. In closed systems, an integral, analog system requires all of its parts to be in complete interaction with one another. The system can work efficiently only when its elements interact in a coordinated fashion.

When a system is affected by an outside element, oscillatory processes occur, which gradually bring it into balance. Once the system’s balance is restored, it steadily reacts to the external influence.

Our task is to bring ourselves to this steady state while reacting to Nature’s signals, which we receive on all the levels. In a closed system, external influences are met with resistance. The people who control this system usually balance out the external influence willfully. So what should we do with ourselves? How can we bring ourselves, our system of cogwheels that are locked together to correct, coordinated spinning?

This is humanity’s whole problem. And we will have to solve it. Many specialists write about it very convincingly, but what’s the answer?

In our research center we are working on this problem, trying to solve it theoretically and in part practically, in small experimental groups, including groups of children, adults, men, women, and mixed groups. We are trying to discern specific tendencies, possibilities for a solution, and shortcuts because humanity does not seem to have a lot of time left.

Work in an experimental group is very far from real life where we encounter people who don’t want to know anything about the systematic approach, do not understand it, and object to it. But we will have to make contact with them somehow. It’s like trying to explain to a seriously ill person that he needs treatment, that he shouldn’t think he can go on living as before, or not think about anything at all, come what may.

We are trying to solve this problem, but in principle, it is the problem of the whole of humanity concerning its future, integral state.

Will we be able to solve this problem through upbringing? Suppose we have 10-20 years left. We will address society through the mass media, governments, UNESCO, and the UN.

We should orient ourselves by the current children, those who are about 5 years old today. We should work on raising the young generation that is under our influence. Considering that young people enter the circle of life at ages 15-20, we have 10-15 years to work with them.

During these 10-15 years, can we turn them into the people of the future generation, which is not that far into the future anymore because the natural factors are closing in on us and we are lagging behind?

It all depends on what system of upbringing, program, or method we will use to carry out our work, alongside preparing expert educators, attracting mass media, governments, and international organizations. For everything to start spinning in full force, everyone must recognize the urgency of this work. Then, in 10-15 years we will really have a new generation, adapted to the new conditions of Nature. This is the challenge that we must address in regard to the integral upbringing that we need to implement.

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