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A Bunker Won’t Save Us from the Integral “Tsunami”

– Today we are observing a new phenomenon that’s happening on a massive scale: wealthy people are starting to buy up property in the mountains of Switzerland, buying houses somewhere out in the tundra. They feel that something is indeed about to happen, and have decided, “I will quickly run away and will wait it out in the mountains.”

– This is the natural drive of any egoist: to pile up everything that’s necessary somewhere in a bunker and wait out the war that will roll over the whole world. There, on the surface, the war will obliterate everything and once it’s over, I will come out to the open. New birds will come out singing on new trees, on a new earth, and everything will be okay.

But that’s impossible because the issue at stake is a change of paradigm for the entire human society, its inner state, people’s relationships with one another. Each of us will have to internally correspond to the common field of Nature that demands integration from us.

If I sit in a bunker with everything prepared ahead of time, down to artificial climate for a thousand years (a person thinks he is immortal), I will still sense my opposition to the single, integral field because on the inside, I did not change myself to match it.

No bunker will help me. My animate body will still suffer. New conditions will arise that will destroy me, not letting me survive in any incubator or any shell because on the inside, by my parameters, aspirations, and qualities, I won’t correspond to today’s integral “tsunami” that is moving in on me. It is a wave to which we will have to correspond. If we do, we will ride it with pleasure, in nature’s bosom. If we don’t, it will wipe us off the face of the earth.

For the first time ever, we are encountering our discrepancy with Nature not on the physical level, but on the inner, psychological, mental, and moral level, and we have to attain that level. This is not a physical salvation, but an inner one.

We have to become similar to Nature not in the physical parameters, but by the inner, integral network of connections among us, which is coming down and pressing on our world. If we don’t correspond to its form, it will simply destroy us.

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