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From “Me” to “We”

– If I do correspond to it, will I be leading some miserable existence just to survive, or is there something good in store for us, better than what we have now?

– The state we will reach is one that cannot be surpassed by anything. It is a state in which all problems and conflicts are resolved, in which man attains the deepest levels of Nature and himself.

It is an expansion of man’s mind, emotions, qualities, and senses through the bounds of the infinite Nature, where we include all the worlds, states, and dimensions that we currently neither understand nor feel. The integral connection between us has to bring us to that state.

And most important, once we are included in the general quality of all of Nature, we will begin to feel its eternity and perfection, and this sensation will become our lives. We have to rise from the state of “me” to the state of “we,” which is infinite, eternal, and perfect. In that state, we will stop feeling our individuality and will perceive only our inclusion in others.

It’s as if a person rises above the problem of life and death and starts to feel a higher level. He does not sympathize with the body, this animate state, but with the energy or information that is in the single field that includes all of us.

We really are included in a single field of energy, thoughts, mind, desires, and intentions. And this field is not within our bodies; it is what’s between us, what connects us.

Within this field, you feel what I feel, another person thinks what I think, and so on.

Scientists have researched this topic, and learned that we are actually in one informational body. When we enter this level of interconnection, we begin sensing ourselves as not living the animate life (the life of our body), but the life of this information, the single communication. And then a person feels that he doesn’t sympathize with his animate life, but with the eternal, perfect life.

Therein lies nature’s program: to bring our inner component, called “human,” which differentiates us from the animate level, to its true form or true level—total interaction within the sensation of eternity and perfection of the whole of Nature.

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