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The Necessity to Create a Global Organization

– Is this information field something alien within us, or do we simply have to reveal what is instilled inside of us?

– It is instilled inside of us. This ability was expressed in certain individuals throughout different times. They are people who aspire to this state, who wish to research it, to propagate it, and to somehow realize it.

They are the philosophers of the past, utopians, and in part, socialists. They are scientists, researchers, politicians, and businessmen. As we know, the core of the Club of Rome consisted of successful businessmen and politicians. These people are completely different, but as a rule, they are all educated and forward-thinking. They are people with a broad vision, who can rise above their personal interests and feel a certain inner pressure. Today there are many people in the world who are like that.

It is necessary to create a worldwide organization that will include all of these people regardless of origin or political and social convictions so they can get together, develop a single system of integral upbringing, and offer it to the world.

Our organization is working on it, and we would like to collaborate with anyone who supports this thought. We pose no preconditions.

– You said that we will have to realize the principles of integrality in practice over the next 10 years. What specifically should we do, and how can we begin to realize what you describe?

– The realization has to happen along several channels. We have to consider the mentality of each group in the population and approach each of them differently, considering the type of activities they do and their age. We have to involve all mass media systems, gradually developing them and holding daily seminars at people’s work places. The non-working people will have to visit special events and clubs where they can study. It will be like a worldwide university where every person on earth has to take this type of course for becoming a “new human being,” telling him in simple terms about everything we talked about. It’s also necessary to participate in all kinds of practical studies.

Half of our school hours should be devoted to such studies. It has to become the most important thing in society. This idea must permeate every person from all directions using communication, connection, interaction, and mutual help. But first, a person must be internally disposed to it. We have to gradually reconstruct the entire system.

Industry and production have to be reformed because we are disparate from Nature not only in our thoughts, but also on the material level. We have to shift to reasonable consumption, taking from the earth only what we need for existence. We don’t have to exist in a restricted manner, but on the level of a normal person’s consumption, and not beyond. That is how we will be merciful to “mother earth.”

We have to teach people. Gradually, through school, work, TV, and internet, everyone will begin to understand what integrality means. Everything must work toward our objective: survival.

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