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No Discounts for Age

– What should this course consist of? And who should teach it?

– We have to prepare many educators and instructors, although in today’s conditions lessons can be held virtually as well.

A screen is turned on at a corporation, people enter a room, sit down, and start watching films, participating in games and discussions. And through the internet, the broadcast could be relayed to the whole planet.

But alongside it, it’s necessary to prepare people. An educator is the most in-demand profession today.

We have always worked on education, but now we have to look at education differently and work in the direction of upbringing, on morally raising man to the “human” level. This requires joint efforts.

When you explain to a person that there is no other way to go and this is the necessity of today, he starts to understand it, although of course, it doesn’t happen right away. Then, by the united efforts of our organization and many others that act in the same direction, we will be able to do this. We don’t have any other choice.

– How should a meeting happen between a specialist on integral upbringing and say, an interested CEO of a corporation?

– I don’t think this should require the agreement of the CEO. Everything has to happen under the auspices of the UN and UNESCO, which will give out policies and orders to all the governments. And every government will make the laws regarding changes in the workday, in the study process at schools, and so on.

No one is exempt from inclusion in this system. Pensioners do not receive a pension unless their pension books say that they have taken this course. There are no discounts for age!

Today the elderly have to be drawn to this process according to their ability, since we become included in it with our desires to be in the right connection with one another, therefore age doesn’t matter. Everyone fits into this system.

Anyone living on this planet has to aspire to this state. That way, we will elicit sympathy from Nature, its positive response. This is why we are talking about the whole of humanity.

It will be necessary to create the appropriate databank: briefings, lectures, discussions, and talks using all sorts of films, clips, and so on. It has to be checked and gradually inculcated into practice, bringing the information to the population.

It will be necessary to have an enormous army of educators who will visit corporations. At learning establishments, the educators will constantly have to work together with the teachers.

It will be necessary to organize clubs, community centers, places where free consultations are given, interesting evenings are held, as well as panel games, meetings, and concerts. Everything must be done in the spirit of unity, teaching every person how to become included in this system internally, how to start feeling it, and most important, how to come closer to feeling this informational, sensual, rational network between us.

At the end of the day, we are all one, a single human image. How can I start feeling it? For that we have the rudiments of inner qualities, but we have to develop them.

As soon as people begin to feel it, they will instinctively start acting conjointly. The network will begin to live within them and control them, and they will willingly, happily follow this common direction. Then we will discover a humanity that is interconnected into one, healthy organism.

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