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Integral Ideas for the Creative Arts

– I have a friend who’s a filmmaker and screenwriter. What should I suggest to him? What should the script be about, and how should it be built to contain integral ideas?

– It’s necessary to write about a person who really desires to understand what the integral nature is, about his psychological, inner problems of interacting with himself. Describe his problems with the people around him, how he is trying to do something but they don’t understand why he acts as he does. Talk about their attempts to enter this system, the impossibility to succeed, how it is expressed, and so on. Talk about the problems between children and parents, how they are resolved, and man’s interaction with Nature. But mainly, it should be about a person’s relations with himself and with the environment. All pieces of art and culture are built on those relations.

We are giving creative people an idea that they are obligated to start realizing as citizens of the world, by creating art that explains our situation in the new world.

We have many such ideas. But as usual we lack the resources and the performers to execute them. But we are open to creative people and will be happy to share our ideas with them about how it is possible to present this new state, sensation, and worldview on different levels.

All the eternal topics such as love and hate, human conflicts, and everything else can be depicted in this vein, and it will really be useful for everyone.

– Does that mean that we present a dramatic situation, and at the end the people involved have to reach an agreement?

– Not necessarily. But they do have to discern certain elements of the integral society. There doesn’t necessarily have to be a “happy end.” We are realists and do not want to stuff people with unrealistic illusions.

It has to be an action that’s very close to life, a demonstration of our urgent problems and their possible solutions. But mainly, it’s not about their decisions but about their agreement or lack of it, and how it happens with different people, in their connections with others, in various conflicts.

– When we talked about children, we noted that it’s very important for a child to understand that every action he makes is reflected in the people around him. Is this what you mean?

– Yes. After all, human society is an extremely powerful amplifier of my thoughts and feelings. Whatever influence I have on society with my thoughts and feelings, that is how this system automatically reflects everything back to me.

Human society is absolute and perfect in relation to each of us. The only imperfect person is me because of my incorrect, non-integral inclusion in it.

I am like a part of an electronic network or scheme that is dysfunctional in some regard. I was created this way. And I am included in this system, but I don’t work in a coordinated fashion with it. And to the extent I bring interferences into it, the system multiplies my interferences. Because I agitate it and force it to be unbalanced, these flaws return to me. Can you imagine how my transgressions are augmented? Billions of times over!

They become expressed in me through illnesses, family problems, problems with my children, and in business. Suddenly my bank goes bankrupt or something happens at my corporation.

I am like a tiny bug in this system. The entire system consists of lots of little bugs like me and we are all connected with absolutely all of humanity on all levels. This proper interaction must be shown.

When a person sees this, he experiences a purely egoistic desire to protect himself from the reverse negative connection that he cannot escape. You are in it and are plugged into it, and you can’t go anywhere. If you make a 1 Volt error in it, the blow that will come back to you will be 1,000 Volts.

Practically, this is the state we are approaching. Putting it mildly, Nature is placing a very challenging task before us.

– I introduce a certain interference into the system and receive a response only once everything has calmed down. That is, I don’t see the connection between the cause and the effect. Is this the problem?

– But you cannot blame anyone for anything. You are in an ideal system. It is ideal in relation to you and in relation to every person. You receive a negative feedback from it, which pressures you to look inside you so you can become included in the scheme correctly.

This reaction from Nature is not there to hurt you, but to correct you, to show you that you are not in agreement with the system yet.

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