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The Female Desire Will Correct Everything

– What specifically can and should a woman who has heard you and understood you do? Usually a woman goes and immediately tries to “fix” her husband.

– As a psychologist, you have located the correct point of influence—the woman. In fact, this is correct because in our learning system, if we tell a woman about the bright prospects for humanity, she will arrange the rest. The female desire and pressure will correct everything. A man is far more passive in this regard. But a woman has such an influence on her children and husband that it will force them to work on self-correction.

Thus, first of all, the emphasis should be on educating the female part of the planet’s population because it is very receptive to it. It is necessary to find the right approach to women, the right connection with them, and to awaken their interest. This will give us entry into the educational program.

No one is slighting the other parts of the population here. But as we see, if a woman wants something, others around her start to gradually fall under her influence.

– Say a woman who has just finished watching our program meets her husband in the evening. What should she do? How should she start realizing this idea?

– How does she usually influence her husband? We understand that at the end of the day, whether he desires it or not, in a sense, a man is subjugated to his woman. This is Nature, and we shouldn’t be embarrassed about it!

Every man sees his wife as a mother in some respect and is somewhat afraid of her, like a boy, even though he is already a grown man or even beyond. It comes from Nature. A woman gives life. She nurtures you, guides you, and rears you. In the end, everything you have today is what she has done. Even though we are talking about the importance of the father’s role for a child, he is still behind the mother. She is everything to a child.

– Should she somehow motivate him to make these “integral actions”? What is the first step?

– The first step is for a woman to want it. Her desire is enough even without saying a single word. Don’t you know how women do this?

– Yes, of course.

– That’s how she elicits a feeling in a man. And with children, she will talk to them, and they will also receive the new, integral upbringing at school. The husband will also receive it at work or any other place he might be. But with her silent question, which drills right through the male part of the family, a woman definitely heightens and sharpens their sensation that this is important.

The male part does not have this sensation of importance. Its specifically the woman who truly cares and worries about the future.

If she becomes concerned about the future, then everyone else will start spinning around it as well. A man will realize the female desire. He does it in life anyway, in the egoistic form. And the right desires will be realized here, as well.

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