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Let’s Unite

– What would you wish to people who are already willing to become part of this system?

– I recommend to all of our viewers to try to understand how we can improve our lives.

We have already entered the period of great crises. But the truth is concealed from us and we are told that the crisis has passed. Yet the people who work in this area understand that nothing has passed. By concealing it, it’s as if we are accumulating radioactive waste, which is starting to burn on the inside, ready to explode.

We don’t have to conceal it. Let’s open up and start clearing up this egoistic system! It is ruining us, and it is not leaving us practically any chance to lead a normal life. On the inside, we are constantly on the defense against one another, pushing each other away, belligerent and hostile. No one knows what future is in store for our children. Let’s unite and hear what Nature has in store for us!

In reality, Nature is a mother and is treating us with care.

Today we are witnessing the first alarms of our discrepancies with Nature. These are the crises that are occurring. This works like any common system: When I cause a small disturbance to it, it responds back with a multiplex amplification of the disturbance that I caused in it, according to the principle of a negative feedback. But this is done deliberately to lead me to the right path.

We have a specific goal to achieve. We have to see the right direction in all of nature’s negative reverberations. Let’s study its language, and we will see its path, the program along which it is leading us. The deviations are caused by us, while Nature is trying to put us back on track through the feedback of different kinds of suffering. These sufferings are all correct and compulsory from Nature’s end. However, when we begin to understand Nature’s inner workings, we will attain eternity and perfection.

Let’s all be convinced that there really is a wonderful future ahead of us, because there is, and let’s bring our children there!

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