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The Whole Truth about the Economic Crisis

This crisis is expressed in our approach to the world and to society. The crisis is within us and in our interrelations. Nature works in harmony and balance, and now it is up to us to change ourselves and how we relate to others. As a result, the systems we have built, including the socioeconomic system, must be balanced and harmonious, as is Nature.

Among the characteristics of the economic crisis are bloated prices of products, services, stocks, and loans. As a result, we are witnessing a crisis of trust in the economy. At the end of the day, the false picture of the world that was built and cultivated for many years by those with their own agendas has disintegrated. People have begun to understand that in an economy based on lies, speculation, and manipulation it is impossible to trust anyone. Not surprisingly, in a state of general mistrust, today’s economic system is unsustainable.

Thus, our contemporary economy is a snapshot of a world of distorted interconnections, manipulations, and false values. Unscrupulous and unrestrained competition has been created, along with irrational consumer behavior, as consumers falsely believe that what they buy defines their essence (“I buy, therefore I am”). Today, society’s values are determined by brand names, celebrities, and status symbols, not by people’s rational interests. Under these circumstances, the economy’s collapse was only a matter of time.

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