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Economy and Human Relations

At the end of the day, the network of connections between us determines everything. That network is spread out throughout the world, and consists of many elements—countries, armies, funds, raw materials, religious denominations, social ties, hopes for the future, and so forth. All are parts of that network among us, which is why that concept is so difficult for us to grasp... For now, those who can grasp it are those profiting most from it.

Many people argue that we should examine the financial system and correct it. But we need to understand that the whole of reality has changed. The system has become global and integral, and this is what hinders our attempts to live with the current socioeconomic system. Everything we built in the existing system stemmed from our egoistic nature. But our current reality necessitates that we reciprocate rather than exploit. The connection between us is much tighter now and compels us to “upgrade” our connections toward unity and mutual guarantee (in which all are guarantors of each other’s well-being).

Because we don’t know how to approach the global-integral network, we are losing our ability to properly communicate with others. This is why we face this worldwide crisis in trust. The banks don’t believe the manufacturers, citizens don’t believe their governments, and the governments don’t believe each other.

In the past, communication was clear and relied on give and take, on individual consideration of profit and loss, and on the necessity to cooperate, even if against our will. The ego played a key role and we all understood that this was so.

In the global-integral system of connections, however, we need an economy that reflects the interdependence among us, but we haven’t adapted our “operating system” to it. We are still living in economic and social systems based on how we handled relationships in the past.

At the same time, we are discovering the interdependence among us. The problem is that we have yet to understand how this works. We have not even detected its altruistic nature! Here lies the problem: this contemporary crisis cannot be resolved in the old ways, since everything depends on how quickly humanity can bond and move towards mutual guarantee.

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