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Putting Words into Action

The new world is pushing people closer, forcing us to care for one another in genuine solidarity, and to rethink aggressive competition and excessive consumerism. This crisis is leading us, kicking and screaming, into harmony with the laws of the global-integral system.

To adapt to this global-integral world, we must study how it works, how all the elements are connected in industry, in banking, and in government systems. Therefore, the key to success lies in a new system of education that will inform people of the nature of the world today. This program will not only inform, but also help us practice new codes of communication and human relations, thus showing us how to build our social relations to survive in an interconnected world.

As noted by Lamy, the continued evolution of humanity toward globalization and integration is a certainty. If we learn how to adjust our interrelations and economy to the new reality, we can achieve harmony and balance with the laws of the new system. This new balance will consist of mutual guarantee (each person guaranteeing others’ well-being), social solidarity, genuinely free education for all, a reframing of how we use our natural resources, and harmony in the global economy.

As long as we retain our current perception of the world, we will lack understanding of the essence of the change the world is undergoing. Only if we reeducate ourselves and learn about the new reality will we understand its causes and the nature of the change required of us. Through education, we will grasp that we must overcome the elements that separate us on all levels, and that we must seek ties of mutual guarantee. When we achieve that, we will discover that the new reality is also a giant opportunity. The transformation of thought is the key to our success and to global prosperity. And without this global crisis, we would never deem such a transformation desirable or even feasible.

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