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From Consumerism to Balanced Consumption

The solution is clear. Each of us must support a decrease in the present excessive consumption that has long become a key aspect of our lives, and that of the global economy. Instead, we must encourage balanced consumption. As this transition unfolds, private consumption will return to more sustainable levels, replacing the unrestrained gobbling fueled by commercials and social pressures. Many redundant products will disappear and consumption will return to a focus on practical usage. Instead of brands as symbols of social status, the degree of one’s contribution to the community and general well-being will determine one’s position in society. By reducing demand, prices will drop, and dignified living will finally become affordable for all.

Balanced consumption is an important part of the new economy—the balanced one. Adjusting the connections among people to the interdependence in the global-integral world will alter the entire economic system, not only consumption. It will shift from a competitive economy that is bloated and self-centered into a balanced, stable, functional, and sustainable form, bearing altruistic characteristics. Every system will be finely tuned to provide for the entire human race on a reasonable level, no more but also no less.

We have already stated that consumerism has many flaws. The recurring financial and social crises indicate that very soon we will be forced to shift from our current pattern. We can no longer afford to increase consumption indefinitely because we are paying heavily for it, attempting to finance our demanding lifestyles. The consumerism we have adopted is causing ongoing frustration without the ability to achieve the anticipated satisfaction.

The shift toward balanced consumption will “calm” our financial and social systems and balance our way of life. In fact, we can use the same tools that today preach excessive consumption to promote a more balanced approach. Using the existing media and advertising systems, we can alter society and build together an environment whose impact on us will change our priorities and the current, detrimental social values that we hold.

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