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Benefits of the New Economy

A balanced economy is not only mandatory in the global and integral reality, it also benefits us all

An economy based on the principles of mutual guarantee is congruent with the laws of the global-integral system, and will therefore be stable and best provide for our reasonable needs of sustenance. It will also allow us to make time to realize our personal and social potentials...

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An Escalating Crisis in Europe and the United States

The global economic crisis is rapidly worsening. The United States suffered its first ever downgrade of its credit rating, and the Eurozone is threatening to collapse altogether, or alternately, face insolvency of sovereign debt, which would shake up financial markets all over the world...

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The Economy Needs a Makeover

The failure to resolve the global crisis that began in 2008 baffles the most prominent economists and exposes the limitations of the current economic paradigms. The expansive monetary policy was meant to reverse the decline and gradually heal the world economy, but the reverse seems to have happened. It appears that the economic “toolbox” in the hands of decision-makers treated only the symptoms of the crisis rather than the crisis itself...

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First Things First: Putting Out the Fire

First, we must put out the fires and deal with the most pressing issues facing us. To do so, we must come together, deliberate in a round-table format, and discuss—just like a family—how we can help those among us who are in desperate need, living below the poverty line. Without a solution for such problems that we can all agree on, we cannot make any progress...

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Toward a New Economy, Under the Umbrella of Mutual Guarantee

It is easy to describe the improved socioeconomic system at the end of the transformation process toward which this crisis is drawing us. The inadequacy of the current economic systems in the global network and the increasing personal and political interdependence are the real reasons for the escalating global crisis...

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The Benefits of the Economy of Mutual Guarantee

There are many benefits to an economy based on mutual guarantee. By attempting to cling to the existing, failing economic model and ease the immediate problems following the financial crisis, we are making it harder to appreciate the vast potential of the mutual guarantee economy. If we imagine that we are already in a state of mutual guarantee, we will be able to see its many advantages...

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