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First Things First: Putting Out the Fire

First, we must put out the fires and deal with the most pressing issues facing us. To do so, we must come together, deliberate in a round-table format, and discuss—just like a family—how we can help those among us who are in desperate need, living below the poverty line. Without a solution for such problems that we can all agree on, we cannot make any progress.

Agreement is a precondition of forming the mutual guarantee among us. Agreeing on mutual guarantee will enable the more fortunate to make the necessary concessions to assist others and create the economic amendments that will thoroughly deal with the challenges of poverty.

Some of the financing to mend the imbalance will come from state budgets, reflecting the change in socioeconomic priorities. However, the bulk of the money will come from new sources created by the transition from excessive consumerism to reasonable consumption. That transition will reflect the change from an individualistic, competitive economy to a collaborative, harmonious one that is in sync with the laws of the global, integral world.

At the same time, we must acquire basic life skills and initiate consumer education to qualify us to pursue an independent, balanced way of living in the new world. Combining immediate economic and financial solutions with proper consumer education will act as “CPR” for the lower-income individuals in society. It will also forge the common basis necessary to adopt mutual guarantee as a social and economic treaty, tying us all together, in sync with the laws of the global-integral world.

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