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Toward a New Economy, Under the Umbrella of Mutual Guarantee

It is easy to describe the improved socioeconomic system at the end of the transformation process toward which this crisis is drawing us. The inadequacy of the current economic systems in the global network and the increasing personal and political interdependence are the real reasons for the escalating global crisis. When decision-makers and leading economists grasp that these are the core issues, the solution will become obvious, though we will still need to change our relations to those of mutual guarantee. Once accomplished, we can move to a new economy that reflects this shift of ideas and values in the world.

Under the umbrella of mutual guarantee, both the economy and human society will be in harmony with the global network of connections. Instead of “sailing against the wind,” wasting energy and resources trying to maintain a failing economic method, a new economy will form, both balanced and stable, relying on solid social cohesion on all levels, expansive international cooperation, balanced consumption, and stable financial markets. This will be a far cry from the current financial markets, which produce destructive bubbles every 5-7 years.

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