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Unemployment Threatens the Stability of Governments and Regimes

It seems as if the rise in unemployment rates worries governments and decision-makers because they fear it is launching social and economic unrest. The state strives to put the unemployed back to work as quickly as possible and is willing to pay the unemployed a basic ration for a limited period of time. Yet no one among decision-makers seems to be asking, “What should a citizen’s healthy and balanced life in my county be like? Is it right to encourage unemployed people to rush to find a new job and get back in the (rat) race? Who gains or profits because of it?”

Another point is that dissatisfied citizens will not vote for the party in power, which politicians know all too well. Third, there is genuine fear that the demonstrations and (currently peaceful) protests will become a violent wave, washing over the entire world, as it already has in some Arab world countries. We have already seen sparks of riots, racism, and other forms of violent protests in France, the U.K., Italy, and Greece.

With the Arab Spring in the background, rulers being overthrown, and civil wars and bloodshed breaking out, the tenacity of unemployment is a cause for grave concern for governments and for economists in the Western countries.

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