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An Emergency Program to Deal with Unemployment

As we have seen, rising unemployment and bearish forecasts have created a problem that requires immediate attention. Even countries where the economy is currently solid would do well to adopt the programs presented in this chapter. The interdependence of economies and financial markets throughout the world leaves little doubt that the crisis will spread and affect everyone. Germany, for example, is tied to the Eurozone by its navel. This country is already being hurt by the current financial crisis in Europe, and the prospect of recovery in the near future seems very slim at the moment.

Everyone should recognize that in a closed global and integral system, in a global village, one’s fate depends on one’s approach toward others. Relations based on mutual concern, social solidarity, balanced consumption, cooperation, and harmony are all mandatory today. The chaotic, volatile reality of our time calls for a change in the awareness of everyone in the world. We must all learn to live in the new network of connections. We must know how to adapt ourselves to it, or we will remain essentially opposite to it, and as long as the gap between us and the network remains, the crisis will keep worsening personally, socially, and globally.

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