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Defusing the Social Time-Bomb

At the end of the day, it is hard for us to come to terms with the fact that unemployment has not yet peaked, but is expected to climb to unprecedented proportions. The current economic and social systems will not be able to cope with the ramifications of unemployment in the high double digits; thus, the suggested program will allow both citizens and state to mutually adjust to the new situation. The unique curricula will prevent unrest and violence. It will allow for normal life to continue as one proceeds toward a transformation in human relations, in keeping with the new interdependence revealed by the current crisis. That change will result in a new, balanced economy under the umbrella of mutual guarantee, which will facilitate not only the provision of people’s basic needs, but also a better quality of life, profound fulfillment, harmony, and sustainable social and economic structures.

Looking forward, it is likely that many will choose to join the program, regardless of circumstances. Some will even choose it as a way of life. The surplus in productivity and technological progress, along with the return to a balanced and reasonable economy, will ease the transition to a dignified existence for all the people in the world, assuming the majority of them will choose to live under the principles taught at the educational program.

A few will provide agricultural products, a few will provide industrial goods, and a few will provide the services and trade necessary for our lives. It will be possible to alternate performing those functions, as long as the focus is not on material goods and competition. Instead, the focus will be on personal and social development, and strengthening ties of mutual guarantee and harmony among all people, and between humanity and Nature.

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