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Looking Ahead—A Change We Can Make

This mechanism of mutual guarantee will diminish and ultimately eliminate social gaps. The guaranteeing of people’s basic needs for a reasonable existence is the key difference between an economy of mutual guarantee and the current economics. We have already seen that individuals have many needs that cannot be met in an environment that does not encourage their expression and fulfillment. The more the social environment presents models of the joy that exists in social relations, in sharing, and in fairness, the more individuals will be able to enjoy life in a society where such relationships are the norm. This is the key to the change.

As Dr. Aquino is quoted in the above-mentioned publication in The Epoch Times, “We suggest an alternative technique may be to highlight examples of extraordinary goodness. They’re rare by definition; they don’t happen every day. But if we could identify these and make them much more prominent, then it could get people to think differently about their lives and about others, which may influence them to do good.”

Indeed, there are ways to emphasize acts of altruism and to see how the change affects each of us. For example, if a list of the 100 people who contributed the most to society were to constantly be advertised, we would see how the same abilities that led people to gain while exploiting others will now lead them to work for the good of society. The same competitive drive that makes us want to succeed at others’ expense will now lead us to realize our potential to win the respect and esteem of society. In addition, the closer personal interest and social benefit become, the more a person will be granted social and public support to actualize his or her best.

The new “fuel” will change our nature from materialistic and egoistic to altruistic and prosocial. Appreciating our environment and gaining satisfaction by giving are the keys to our choosing to live our lives within an economic and social system of mutual guarantee.

There is a twofold benefit in that change: activity to benefit society will yield a society that exists in peace and prosperity, providing a supportive environment to all its members. Additionally, individuals will be able to fully realize their personal potentials and goals, thus gaining both personal satisfaction and public appreciation.

In the current chaotic environment, such a vision may seem vague or unreal, but even striving for mutual guarantee will make it clear that all it takes to achieve this is a psychological shift of mindset.

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