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Interdependence Affects Tycoons, As Well

We can argue about whether or not the system is just, but in fact, the majority of people depend on tycoons for their livelihood. We need to understand that we are all in the same boat and in the same economic system, in which we are all interdependent. Evidently, the current method is not ideal, and manipulations of powerful people and institutions have a lot to do with its faults, but we cannot upend the system altogether. Attempting to create social justice by destroying tycoons will actually destroy the society that destroys them, and the first to suffer will be those who depend on tycoons for their livelihood—nearly all of us—because they’ll be out of a job.

In fact, arguing in favor of destroying the tycoons indicates a lack of understanding of the economic system. If, for example, everyone stopped buying in big chain stores such as Walmart and went back to buying at local grocery stores, those mega-stores would fire their workers, who would then have no money to buy at the local grocery stores. In other words, before we demand any changes, we must understand that every system is interlinked. In a socioeconomic system based on mutual guarantee (where all guarantee each other’s well-being), no one will force anyone to relinquish their property or funds. Coercion contradicts the very spirit of mutual guarantee.

If tycoons do not make concessions of their own volition, and the concessions are not supplemented and complemented with education toward norms of mutual guarantee, the existing situation will only deteriorate. A forced solution will hurt our source of income because while that tycoon is getting richer at the expense of numerous workers earning minimum wages, they at least have an income. Tycoons and their employees are all tied together; they are codependent. If the tycoons go down, all who depend on them will go down with them.

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