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The Solution—Evolution, not Revolution

While it is tempting to head out to the streets and yell out demands for justice, actually doing so would only worsen the situation. After all, when has destruction led to good results? From the bloody French Revolution through the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and up to the 2011 revolution in Egypt, rarely—if ever—has a revolution achieved positive results. While the situation that emerged after the dust settled and the blood dried might have improved aspects of life prior to the revolution, if humanity could evolve into better states instead of revolting into them, it would be better for all.

When tycoons feel unsafe, they simply flee to other countries where they are more welcome, as is the case in Russia today [102], [103]. This is hardly a desirable scenario. A change for the better can only emerge from reconstructing our relations and the economic and social systems resulting from them. This must be done by providing information and education. The shift from the current state to a more desirable one must be gradual, without irresponsibly breaking the power of tycoons or of any powerful element in the market.

Because the required shift today is from perceiving ourselves as separate entities to perceiving ourselves as connected elements in a global interdependent system, changing our perception is the only possible solution. A change of perception is a gradual, extended process that requires time for people to absorb and accept. The more we advance into the new perception of the world, the more we will progress toward decentralizing the market and dealing with the rest of the problems in the market. However, this must be done with mutual consent, not by force.

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