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Explanation, Education, and the Influence of the Environment

The demonstrations throughout the world calling for social justice, and the damage to the economy and to society from over centralization, inequality, and the unchecked power of tycoons, have pressured governments into acting to reduce the centralization and the influence of tycoons. Traditional means have been tighter regulations, structural changes in the market, additional taxes on the super-rich and on prestigious brands. But given the clout that tycoons have, it is unlikely that such measures will be fully implemented, if at all. Moreover, even if they are implemented, it is unlikely that they will lead to reduction in the cost of living, diminish the social and economic gaps, or ease the sense of social injustice.

Such regulatory measures are instruments from the old toolbox used when the world still consisted of separate entities. In today’s world, with the globally connected system where everyone depends on everyone else, instruments that facilitate competition cannot work. The key to a voluntary transformation—in consensus, through a round table type discussion, as equals—is provision of information and education to the masses. In an interconnected system, how can one person exploit another? It would be tantamount to self-inflicted harm. When social norms foster mutual consideration, mutual concern, social solidarity, and cohesion, the issue of tycoons will find its peaceful solution in no time.

Such a change is achievable only through expansive provision of information, intelligent use of media, and an education system that enlightens every single person, stresses the importance of mutual guarantee, and gives people motivation to contribute to the best of their ability, whether a magnate or an indigent.

When the desirable change takes place, people will perceive tycoons as parts of themselves. They will recognize the tycoons’ contribution to society. On the other hand, the tycoons will begin to behave responsibly toward society and the environment. They will willingly adopt the required changes in the new economic system, changes that include a more equal distribution of financial resources. Such a solution, which is based on transformation in perception through education toward mutual guarantee, is the only solution that is positive and sustainable.

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