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Surplus and Improving the Public's Well-Being

The mutual guarantee economy will expose many surpluses, which will fund the change ahead of us

Over-industrialization, overproduction, and over-consumption have made our modern economy inefficient. Many resources are exploited not for people’s well-being, but to maintain the existing system...

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No Lack of Energy in the New, Balanced Economy

Industrialization, urbanization, and our modern consumer-oriented society turned consumption into a culture and a way of life. Teamed with the growth of population that crossed the seven billion threshold, humanity has been brought to the edge of a deadlock. This deadlock manifests in depletion of essential natural resources such as clean drinking water and oil...

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What Will We Gain from the Constant Increase of Unemployment, and How?

The new, balanced economy—a result of mutual guarantee among people, between them and the state, and among all the countries—will expose great surpluses and reserves, reduce inefficiency in the job market, and prevent the kinds of financial damage caused by the current system. Moreover, the anticipated dramatic increase in the number of unemployed in the world will accelerate and support the process of matching interrelations among people to the global and interconnected world...

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An Economic Opportunity

It is impossible to stop the natural process unfolding in the global economy. Rising unemployment, accompanied by a decline in consumption, will continue until it is stabilized on a reasonable level. Many countries—particularly the United States, where 70% of the GDP comes from private consumption—are faced with a deadlock because they lack the tools to cope with the new situation...

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Mutual Guarantee—A Priceless Asset

In addition to the advantages of reducing energy expenditures and transforming the job market, there are several benefits and surpluses that will arise in a mutual guarantee economy...

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